The Exciting Adventures of Agent Dusty



     Hi. My name is Agent Dusty.  I have been around since God created the earth.  I am somewhat of a drifter.  I go where the wind takes me and believe me it has taken me many places throughout history ... and still does.  I have kept journals of all my adventures throughout time.  In fact, if you check out my blog on this website, you will see that I am still currently keeping journals of what I see.
     Being dust, I am a boundless and infinite being who has travelled all over the world so I have had and will have many, many  more adventures.  I have witnessed many of the historical events that you may have read about in history books and other books, such as the bible (including creation itself).
     I am an adventurer at heart and am intrigued and amazed at the events that I witness on a constant basis.  The awesome part of being dust is that I am able to witness history without influencing it since I am too small to be noticed by the people involved in the historical and current events that I am observing.

     You could say that it is in my nature to be somewhat of  a traveler and a historian.  I hope that you enjoy  reading about my Exciting Adventures.